Murderous Justice

Does Vengeance = Justice?

Available today on Amazon, the story of Murderous Justice

They left him with one desire and nothing more to lose.

Carl had the ultimate life, the perfect family - loving wife and adoring kids - all killed in a fit of bloody rage.

Everyone knows who did it, but still, the culprits walk free.

The bible says turn the other cheek, but Carl says blood for blood. Unafraid to die, he pursues his murderous justice.

But murder is a line crossed with no return.

** Traditional

This small town thriller pays homage to the pulp tradition with its fast pace and plenty of action. Hit first and don’t worry about it later. Corrupt western justice provides a dark noir setting in a hard-boiled world of murder, a serial killer, and FBI agents.

** Timeless

The five stages of dealing with grief are denial, anger, and . . .

Carl’s stuck firmly in anger. There will be no acceptance until blood spills. To Carl, the one stage of dealing with grief is to kill them all.

** Modern

If you are looking for a remake of Charles Bronson in Death Wish, sorry, this is not that.

A man wronged picks up arms, but the blood-lust of the vengeful costs plenty. Carl is a small town mechanic who loses all he loves, his true romance, the fatherhood he cherished, the wife he adored. Then criminal forces run him out of town. With nothing more to lose and unafraid of death, Carl turns to vigilante justice.

But Carl only thinks he has nothing more to lose. As he slips into the dark, who will save his soul?


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