Tuesday, December 5, 2017

What's the best advice you have ever heard?

The best I’ve heard is: Stay Healthy  

(not the same as stay thirsty, my friend.)

Especially in writing, because so many renowned writes were wrecks in their personal life. 

Drinking and depression, let’s be real. Kerouac literally died with a whisky glass in hand at age 47. Fitzgerald, another life-long drinker, died at 44. 

Steinbeck made it to 66 years old, not bad for a chronic smoker (but who didn’t smoke back in the day?)

Both Hemmingway and Hunter S Thompson committed suicide. 

Not to be morbid here, but being the kind of writer that makes a name for himself can be a little unhealthy. 

So, eat right, limit the booze and cigs, and go for a jog now and then. 


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